Sunday, 12 April 2015

Leeds Lunch Guide

There's nothing I love more than whiling away the afternoon in my favourite Leeds independents and slurping on some tea and cake or vegetarian treats, so I thought it was about time I put a post together to pay homage to these wonderful little places and to give some tips for any newbie Leeds visitors. Having lived in Leeds for over a year last year and spending most of my childhood/teenage years moseying around there on weekends, I've managed to compile quite a list of favourites. Leeds is such a fantastic place with such a wide range of cafes, bars and restaurants that you're completely spoilt for choice but without further ado here are just some of my favourites...

LS6 Cafe - Headingley 

If you're looking for the perfect brunch spot in Leeds then look no further than LS6 cafe. It's just a hop skip and a jump away from the centre and its array of colourful clocks and lampshades make for the perfect place to while away the afternoon over a tea and some delicious french toast. Even better news - they have a lunch and dinner menu too so the yummy colourful fun can continue all day! If you've not got quite as big a sweet tooth as I have, they do a mean cooked breakfast and eggs as many different ways as your brain could ever think of!

Humpit Hummus - Leeds Corn Exchange

After being a vegetarian throughout my early teens (fun little fact there for you), I'm always looking for places that sell delicious vege treats and luckily Leeds has a great selection of restaurants, bars and cafes to fulfill every vegetarian's dreams. Humpit Hummus has some of the best value vegetarian treats that Leeds has to offer, not forgetting some of the tastiest. Their fluffy pittas and homemade hummus and falafels go down perfectly with their refreshing handmade lemonade to create the perfect lunch spot for anybody wanting to be a bit healthier. And at £3.50 for many of their dishes - who could resist?!

Interlude Cafe and Tea Room - Shipley

Technically not in Leeds, but only a train stop away in Shipley is Interlude Tea Room and Emporium (and so very pretty that I couldn't not include it in my top 5). This quaint little 1920's hideaway is the perfect place for a spot of afternoon tea or a big slab of crumbly cake. It's filled with a mish-mash of crockery, an array of snazzy lampshades and old postcards ranging from the 1930's through to the 1960's. I took my Grandma there and she absolutely loved its charming little quirks and tasty scones. I'd definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for a trip down memory lane or just for a perfectly charming vintage afternoon sipping tea!

Bundobust - Mill Hill

Another one of Leeds' vegetarian delights is Bundobust, a combination of the sensational Prashad, an Indian Vegetarian masterpiece and The Sparrow, a craft ale bar in Bradford. Bundobust offers a huge range of small Indian street food dishes to give your taste buds a new treat and a wide range of hoppy Indian beers, cocktails and soft drinks. It even has some very snazzy drop lighting and recycled doors that decorate the walls to give your peepers a treat!

The Tetley Bar and Kitchen - Hunslet Road

If you're ever looking for a fail-safe lunch or dinner spot that will fill your belly with lots of classic tasty grub then look no further than The Tetley Bar and Kitchen. It sells a wide range of dishes from traditional fish and chips to quinoa salad and they even do a mean afternoon tea complete with beautiful mini macarons! Even better news, all proceeds from the bar and kitchen go directly to supporting the gallery's artistic and educational programming.

Hope this post gives you some new inspiration of places to visit for great food in Leeds :) and keep your eyes peeled for lovely Leeds eats post #2.
Have you got any favourite cafes, restaurants or bars in Leeds?
Alex xo

Monday, 4 August 2014

Simple Sunday Styling (...On a Monday)

asos duster coat
topshop mom jeans
asos duster coat
kylie jenner duster coat
perfect stripe top
Duster coat: Asos (similar here), Top: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop Mom Jeans, Slider sandals: Newlook.

Sometimes there's nothing nicer than keeping things simple. Aside from my usual co-ords and pattern heavy get up, I'm forever turning to my old, simple favourite of jeans and a top (and a snazzy coat - as none of my outfits would be complete without one!) The Topshop Mom jeans are a pretty perfect option for this kind of outfit and I can't believe I've only recently turned my hand to them! I've always been a bit put off by them because I'm such a small fry and thought they'd look ridiculous with my vertically challenged pins but I've found a new place in my heart from them as of late! Another firm favourite staple piece of mine is the stripe - stripe everything: tops, trousers, coats! I just can't get enough! They're perfect for making simple outfits a bit more interesting and this Urban Outfitters number fits the bill perfectly with so many different outfits.

I've also jumped wholeheartedly on the ugly shoe bandwagon and I'm never looking back! I've wanted a pair of Birkenstocks for a while now but I decided to snap up a pair of Newlook alternatives which are real leather and just as comfy but with a smaller price tag to keep my bank balance happy for the time being! 

A few weeks ago I managed to magically get my hands on this Asos duster coat which has been sold out for as long as I can remember because a certain Miss Kylie Jenner was seen looking amazing in it! I was perusing eBay when I found it and I've been constantly wearing it ever since (even in this bout of wonderful weather we've been having you could find melting away in it). It's a perfect statement option for those simple outfits that needs jazzing up a bit (and for those days when you fancy looking a bit like Scully from X-Files which I apparently look like in my beloved duster) and it'll be at the top of my coat-love list for a long time!

topshop blue bag
topshop mom jeans
asos duster coat

Let me know if you've got any other lovely ways of styling up your duster coats!

Alex x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Violet Haze

I'm loving all things Asos at the moment. I find it so easy to scroll through their website and find items that I like and can style up together. So I went a bit shopping crazy and got a huge haul of goodies. The first thing I thought I'd show you was the beautiful pastel gingham smock dress. I saw this smock dress originally on the website and liked it but then I saw Sarah @ Temporary:Secretary style it up so beautifully that I had to get my hands on it. I paired it with my new nude bag and white t-bar shoes which take me right back to being a 5 year old in a little red check summer dress (and to be fair my style hasn't really changed much since then...)

Dress: Asos, Shoes: Asos, Coat: Coco Boo Loves Boutique, Bag: Asos, Necklace: Miss Selfridge, Ring: Topshop.

Having fully expected to wake up this weekend with the sun streaming through my window as always, you can imagine my disappointment when I came across the greyest and windiest of days I've seen probably this year (slight exaggeration). Where's the sunshine at Leeds?

We decided to go for a stroll around in spite of this, and came across the most beautiful pastel buildings. It's always been a little dream of mine since I was a child to live inside a blue/pink/lilac house with a beautiful pastel door (huge aspirations I know). I think it all stemmed from many visits to Bristol and leafy villages in Scotland as a child but either way, whenever I see coloured houses it instantly makes me happy. So when I saw these lovely houses right on my doorstop I decided to brave the elements and take a few snaps by them. As you can probably see from my face on the photos it wasn't the easiest task to keep a floaty smock dress under control in the 40mph (or so it seemed) winds - I'm a terrible replacement for Marilyn Monroe. I did eventually give in and take a few cheeky snaps back in my flat so that you can fully appreciate the loveliness of the dress :)

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the Asos items following on the blog soon :)
Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Alex x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Three ways to wear: Gingham Trousers

Oh gingham - you've been a favourite print of mine since I was a wee nipper (clearly think I'm still in Scotland/trying to be my scottish Mother) and I'm so happy that it's all the rage for Spring - I am also loving it because you can so easily pair the print with pastels.. and as it's no secret I'm a slight pastel obsessive. So I thought I'd share with you some ways I've been styling my beloved gingham trousers, enjoy!

The Trousers:
The trousers themselves were a Topshop find, rather on the more expensive side but when I thought of all the different ways I could wear them I thought they were worth every penny! I couldn't wait to style them and share them with you guys :)

Outfit 1 - Cropped Black Jumper, Pastel Blue Jacket, Pointed Ballet Flats:

Pastel blue jacket: Topshop (similar here), Shoes: Clarks, Fluffy Cropped Jumper: Topshop, Necklace: Topshop.

For an ideal Winter to Spring changeover outfit, I teamed together my black fluffy cropped jumper and pastel blue blazer. This is ideal for days when there's still a hint of winter in the air! It also features the spring-inspired hues of pale blue making it a real winner for this season.

Outfit 2 - Pastel Pink Coat, Gingham Co-Ord Shell Top, Geek Shoes:

 Gingham Shell Top: Topshop, Geek Shoes: Topshop, Coat: Topshop (similar here), Necklace: Newlook Concessions.

Co-ords are a big thing this spring/summer and I instantly fell in love with this one when I saw it - a big part of the reason for buying the trousers. I teamed the co-ord with another of my favourite pastel jackets and my geek shoes for a perfect spring ready outfit - this outfit can also see you through the day all the way into the night; another bonus! 

Outfit 3 - Black Cami, Royal Blue Blazer, Black Suede Heels, Statement Necklace:
 Jacket: Topshop, Black Cami: Topshop, Necklace: Newlook, Black Suede Heels: Newlook.

More of an evening inspired outfit here showing how versatile the trousers are. Teamed with a pair of heels and another statement jacket - this outfit would be perfect for a meal out or drinks in town.

I hope I've shown you how easy it is to style the new season gingham prints and inspired you to jump on the lovely print bandwagon.

P.S here's a swan that decided to join us on our little photo taking spree - a sure sign that spring is finally upon us YIPEEE :)

Happy Sunday everyone! Have a lovely, sunny day :)

Alex x

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